Insight™ Solution

NDA Insight Answers Detail Questions


Organizations face significant challenges when it comes to effectively and timely analyzing NDAs. Although often perceived as “simple” contracts, most corporations must address high volumes of NDA’s that are often written on counterparty paper. For that reason, they require an individual review to ensure compliance with internal corporate requirements. Additionally, NDAs may originate in many different business units, with different evaluation criteria. Given that the evaluation of a single NDA can require significant attorney time to review and negotiate, this unnecessary inefficiency creates a backlog of work and slows down business deals.

The Seal NDA Accelerator combines the power of the Seal platform with pre-built AI policies specifically designed for evaluating NDAs by the Seal Analytics Production Group(APG). The APG team is comprised of seasoned legal and AI experts that work together to deliver out-of-the-box capabilities that provide an unprecedented level of insight and automation.

NDA Insight automates the identification and extraction of key contractual provisions across a wide range of topics with a high degree of accuracy, enabling clients to perform a more consistent and robust NDA analysis quickly. The solution does much more than identify whether a topic is generally addressed. It is a detailed set of analytics designed to dovetail with specific NDA topics and the associated processes.

NDA Insight dramatically increases access to meaningful information—much of which is not addressed in typical manual NDA analysis process—while also decreasing the time and costs associated with the overall process.