Insight™ Solution

Tackle the challenges facing your procurement team head on.


Procurement is changing. It used to be about acquiring products and services for the best price. Now, it’s also about giving executives the analytics and guidance they need to make better business decisions. As a procurement professional, you have a strategic role to play in your business. Beyond simply controlling expenses, you’re now also expected to manage legal and regulatory exposure, while providing valuable intelligence to key stakeholders. That in turn has led to new challenges.


For example, you may find yourself responsible for meeting a much broader range of objectives such as:

  • Increasing company spend under management by centralizing and controlling your organization’s contracts is essential for expense management. That means reducing rogue spending and the number of vendors you work with.
  • Increasing savings by rationalizing suppliers, negotiating better deals, and taking advantage of incentives.
  • Assessing risk by getting a clear understanding of your service level agreements (SLAs) and uptimes, whether liabilities are covered by insurance, and of the use of standard vs. non-standard terms and conditions.
  • Driving efficiency by reducing the time and money it takes to search for specific contracts and contract terms makes life easier.


Achieving any of these goals can be difficult. All the more so at organizations where contracts are hard to find and the data they contain is even harder to extract, understand, and manage.

Seal Procurement Insight Can Help


Seal applies analytics to the information in your contracts, making it easy to search for, sort, review, and compare contract data. You’ll be able to:

  • Locate and centralize contracts, reducing the time and costs associated with search and discovery.
  • Extract the terms, pricing, delivery obligations, payment terms, renewal clauses, and product/service performance SLAs.
  • Find specific provisions in vendor contracts in areas such as:
    • Unknown auto-renewals
    • Obligations and indemnifications for data breach events
    • Protection for global concerns and mandates, up and down your supply chain
    • Unknown and unrealized pricing rebates and incentives
    • Complex or dynamic pricing structures, etc.
  • Obtain the intelligence to perform accurate spend analysis, understand contract risks, and reduce procurement costs.


And since Seal integrates with eProcurement, sourcing, contract lifecycle management, and supply chain management systems, it helps reduce cost leakage, increase overall savings on purchases, monitor risk exposure, and enhance supplier visibility.


With Seal, it’s never been easier to increase savings, monitor risk, and achieve greater visibility into your suppliers.