Sales – Revenue Optimization & Risk Management


Focus on selling


In sales, it’s all about getting deals done. Sometimes doing so requires creative approaches to negotiating contracts. But how do you keep track of your organization’s specific obligations, and those of your customers, over time and potentially thousands of contracts.


In the heat of the moment, your top priority is closing the deal. It’s not uncommon to sign contracts with complex discount structures, pricing tied to the Retail Price Index (RPI) or other indices, most favored nations pricing, or non-standard clauses, or to substantially modify approved language to make it happen.


When most of your sales contracts are different, understanding what’s in them becomes very difficult, and hard to:

  • Enforce customer obligations.
  • Understand your liabilities and exposure.
  • Adhere to regulated business practices.
  • Extract customer intelligence for potential upsell or cross-sell opportunities to maximize total customer value.

How Seal Can Help


Seal extracts information out of your portfolio of sales contracts, making it easy to search for, sort, review, and compare contract and customer data. You’ll be able to:

  • Discover sales contracts across the servers, shared drives, and repositories throughout your organization, placing them and the associated intelligence into a searchable and centralized contract repository.
  • Utilize that intelligence to find clauses and terms that specify customer obligations, your obligations to customers, address rev rec requirements, and manage complex or dynamic pricing models.
  • Easily find and analyze customer data to create stronger strategies for customer service, and upsell or cross sell sales engagement.


Plus, since Seal integrates with CRM systems, you can easily share contract data via the systems your team uses every day.

In fact, Seal offers a Salesforce module to shorten the time and lower the cost to integrate the two platforms and ensure the relevant contract data is complete, accurate, and associated with each customer within Salesforce.


Staying on top of large numbers of customer contracts has never been easier than with Seal.